CREATE A STORY playing cards for children

  • CREATE A STORY playing cards for children

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  • Humorous, creative, and fun card game for the whole family!

    These cards are a great tool for children to develop their creativity, eloquence, logical thinking, artistic taste, and emotional intelligence. It helps enrich children's vocabulary and improves social and language skills. All you need for this game is imagination. The card game will allow you to immerse yourself in a moody and mysterious world of fairy tales that you create by yourself.
    This game is unique because every time you create a different story with different characters, places, and objects. The cards are illustrated with cheerful pictures that stimulate the child's curiosity. The card game "Create a story" is a great and fun way to spend time with family or friends!

    Age of players: 4+
    Number of players: 2

    The set includes:
    52 cards (character, location, action, and object cards).
    Detailed instructions for the game.

    The size of the card is 7x 10 cm (2.78"x3.94"). The cards are strong with rounded corners which make them safe to use for children. The cards are printed in the printing house and tested in the lab.
    The set is packed in a cardboard box for easy storage. These cards could be a great activity for homeschooling or kindergarten.

    Children under 3 are advised to use the cards with adult supervision.